Happy Thanksgiving my lovely readers!
I hope you all had a great day reflecting on what is really important!
And I’m not talking about 4 AM sales or the YSL Roady!
Today I made whipped sweet potatoes, apple crisp, and whipped cream all from scratch for my favorite people: my family!
How did you spend your Thanksgiving?
More importantly…what are you thankful for this year?
I’m thankful for my mom…
For my family & friends…
For a steady (albeit small) paycheck…
For my warm home…
For memories of my daddy…
For President Obama…
and all of my numerous blessing!



  1. Happy, Happy Belated Thanksgiving Kara!

    I am thankful for blogger friends – they have become some of the people I am closest to; always willing to listen or give advice.

    By the way, loving that picture – tres cute! 🙂

  2. Yummy! 🙂
    Cute photo!!

    We ate so much I DON'T KNOW HOW I MOVED after!!! lol….

    PS: Your comment made my day!!


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