So Saturday I’m going to my cousin’s wedding shower. He’s marrying the most glamorous girl ever and so one of my presents is the Philosophy Here Comes The Bride gift set. It’s impossible to find on the Cape (where I am right now) because the Cape is being hit super hard by the recession. We were at the mall and store after store was just completely empty. It was really creepy. And the stores that were open almost all had signs that said, “Cash Only.” 
Anyway, I called around and even my trusty Sephora in Burlington which I thought I could always count on doesn’t have it. I finally found three at a Nordstrom so they’re holding one for me which is nice.
It made me pretty sad that my usually vibrant and bustling Cape Cod is getting kicked at the knees. The hotels/motels all have vacancy signs, there aren’t many cars on the road, the beaches are nearly empty (actually thats pretty nice…) and it’s breaking my heart.
If you have time and want to go for a nice break you should come to Cape Cod! It’s beautiful and nice and fun and there is lots to do! 

Has the recession changed your shopping habits? Or are you just pretending that everything is fine and that you have plenty of cash and credit to buy that bag/dress/shoes? I was pretty much in denial at home in my cushy, west of Boston suburb. I mean, the mall there is always packed and is opening a free standing Burberry store! There seems to be an endless amount of cash to be spent by everyone. But now that I’m at our beach house the reality of the situation is hitting me hard. And don’t talk to me about President Bush saying that this isn’t a recession-it is. And it’s scary.
Even I’m not shelling out the $10 I would for my British magazines, I just sit down at the Barnes & Noble Starbucks and read them there!


  1. That is so sad about the Cape! I used to vacation in Wellfleet as a child . . . where do you stay?I have definitely cut back on my shopping recently. I don’t know whether it’s because I’m actually feeling the burn of the economy or just being psychologically affected!Have fun at the wedding – sounds like the perf gift for the glamour girl (and Nordstrom has the best customer service, doesn’t it?).xoxox CC

  2. I love Sephora. All the stores closed in the UK. I had to go to Paris (well not just for Sephora – although that was my main aim) to get my favourite blusher.

  3. I have completely cut back on my shopping…it makes me so sad! Every now and then I splurge and spend some extra money on things…but it’s never much.Hope the wedding was fun!

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