I‘m totally obsessed with this poplin Lux Onsie from Urban Outfitters! It’s only $20 so it’d be a no-brainer but I don’t like to buy certain kinds of items without trying them on. Also, I think that jumpers and onsies might be the kind of thing that only looks good on truly petite girls. Have you jumped on the romper look or do you think they should stay on pre-school aged fashionistas only?



  1. I recently wrote a post about the romper too (www.audreymonroe.blogspot.com)and I’m also on the fence with them. Some of them are really cute and they would be fun to play around with accessories but I’m, like you, concerned with how they would look on a non-model body. I’m going to have to wait to try one on to see.

  2. This one is really cute, but I can guarantee that these would look terrible on my curvy self.

  3. I tried a romper on at American Apparel once and it was beyond ridiculous looking. This onesie looks really cute and not ill fitting at all. I have a yellow onesie I wear that is pretty cute. I’m into it.

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