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February is not my favorite month. Between the weather, that damn groundhog’s predictions and the anniversary of my dad’s passing it’s always a time I feel I just need to get through. And then there is Valentine’s Day. Smack dab in my anxious month is this fun, little holiday meant to add some smiles to a bleak stretch of winter. I know I’m not alone in feeling ambivalent about February 14th because while pinks hearts and candy are always a good idea, it can often lead even the most successful, happy single woman down a negative path.

This year, I’m re-framing my thoughts and feelings. No date? No problem! Valentine’s Day can be a lighthearted, fun day even if you’re single!

How? Read On For My 5 Tips To Surviving Valentine’s Day!

1. Avoid Dinner Most guys are just not that creative so restaurants are packed from 5pm to midnight on Valentine’s Day. But don’t starve yourself! Grab your best friend and take advantage of the fact that cupid’s day falls on a Saturday with a leisurely brunch. Many restaurants will offer a special Valentine’s Day Brunch this year so you can indulge in all the sweet treats you like without dealing with too many lovey-dovey couples. If you’re near Boston, check out Cafe Fleuri’s Chocolate Brunch¬†or for something more casual hit Area Four for coffee and cocktails!

2. Be A Kid Again¬†Remember when Valentine’s Day meant candy necklaces and afternoon party at school? When you decorated a “mailbox” made from an old shoe box and just wanted to open it to find a Zach Morris card inside? Recapture that magic by volunteering to babysit a child in your life and making little crafts. A simple toilet paper roll can be turned into a heart stamp for toddlers or you each can get messy making a painted heart with your feet. Bake red velvet cupcakes or decorate heart-shaped cookies. Play tickle monster, hide & seek and ! By the time you sugar crash you’ll be so lighthearted (and exhausted) that it will feel like the best day ever…and might make you feel better about being a few years away from parenthood!

3. Dress To Impress Go all out! Put on your favorite dress, highest heels, and red lipstick and go out dancing with your friends! Order a bottle of champagne, flirt, laugh and go home alone. People always tell me to “fake it until you make i!” and the cliche really works. Pretend to be the most fun, interesting woman in the room and guess what? You will be!

4. Don’t Go On Tinder Just don’t. Trust me. Save it for another weekend. And along those same lines, don’t go on a first date either. It’s the epitome of awkward.

5. Spa Day Another cliche, I know, but trust me on this one too. Start the day with a green juice and your favorite workout. If you don’t have one, try joining ClassPass this month to take unlimited classes at studios in your area. Grab lunch and then head to the spa for a massage, mani/pedi and facial. Finish off the day with a blowout, a glass of red wine and your favorite trashy show. Who needs a significant other when Olivia Pope is in the world?

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