I have a pretty basic fashion rule of thumb. Much as I love her if Britney Spears is wearing something I don’t. You would think that many people would feel that this is a good idea. You would be wrong. Ed Hardy has taken over suburban America and is killing it. It’s also taken over young and tacky Hollywood. Everyone from Kate Beckinsale and Elizabeth Taylor to Ashley Tisdale and Mario Lopez. Pornographer Larry Flint is also a big fan. Basically, if you’re occasionally photographed by the paparazzi you’re probably wearing it. This does not make it okay.
That pink crystal encrusted tee Britney has on? It retails for a disgusting $154. Britney, naturally, got the shirt and 4 other large shopping bags worth of merchandise for free during a visit to the LA warehouse.
The designer, Christian Audigier , is also responsible for such illustrious lines as Von Dutch and Crystal Rock.

I’m much more forgiving of the Ed Hardy bathing suits. Bathing suit shopping is stressful and usually traumatic so if you find one in a style, shape, color and fit that you like and feel good in and it happens to be by Ed Hardy by all means rock it with pride. Just please don’t finish it off with an Ed Hardy hat, tattoo print Ed Hardy hoodie, and crystal encrusted Ed Hardy shorts. I’m looking at you Madonna.



  1. Haha, I also loathe Ed Hardy items. They’re hidious…really I’ve never seen a decent piece from that line.

  2. STOP ED HARDY, JUST STOP! i can’t deal with a trucker hat-like phenom again.

  3. Anonymous

    hate hate hate fkin hate ed hardys boring. disgusting style-less motives yuck

  4. Anonymous

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