Sorry to be completely off topic here but how do you choose a health club? I’ve been calling places and making appointments for “drop ins” all afternoon. If I was living in the city I’d have far more options but being in the suburbs I have to make do and cross town lines! My health care will reimburse me $150 a year as long as I’ve been at a single club (and a bone fide member) for 4 months. 

I’ve narrowed it down to three but none of them are great options:

               -It’s the closest. Actually there are TWO locations in equal distance.
               -It’s mid-priced ($39.99 a month) with an initial personal trainer consultation to come  up with a “plan of action” and includes all the classes
              -My “home” club is actually kind of grimy. And all glass so anyone and everyone can see in. There aren’t really any amenities (no sauna!) and I’m scared to even see the  women’s locker room and blech showers…
              -My health plan gets me a TINY monthly discount at selected Gold’s Gyms.
              -I have an apt. with their membership guy tomorrow at 2
         -Mid-distance. It’s a few towns over but I can take back roads pretty easily. It’s the way I go to the mall. That’s a plus-mall proximity
         – MOST EXPENSIVE. $85 a month PLUS a $29 fee to join. And the $85 offer is only good if I sign up tomorrow. Because once it’s May the fee will be $95 a month. That $150 yearly refund from my health insurance wouldn’t even begin to cover this place. Forget stopping over at Nordstrom after a workout.
       -It’s luxury all the way. Two pools, a spa/sauna, basic personal training, access to all classes, tennis courts, squash courts (does anyone REALLY know how to play Squash?) Fancy soaps, shampoos, hair dryers in the locker room, etc. Plus a cute healthy cafe and sporty store.
      – I have an apt. with their membership guy, Andy, at 7.

– It’s the furthest away. I have to actually take a highway to get there. And between the hours of  6 am-9:30 am and 3 pm-7 pm on weekdays the traffic is so bad it’s amazing more people don’t just flip out and drive the car off the road in frustration. 
-It’s the cheapest! The plan I’d be picking out is only $24 a month unlimited access to the gym and classes plus an initial personal training session and “making a fitness plan”. (They have    other plans starting at $19 up to $53 a month.) Considering I’m really only interested in a May-September type of plan right now the $150 reimbursement actually makes sense at this club.
-Britney seems to be enjoying Bally over the past few weeks.
-I’d say their amenities are in between Gold’s and BSC. Which is good as I’d like a little something (like a sauna) but I don’t need complete pampering. 
-I have an apt. at Bally at 12 pm

So which one do I choose? Luxury that I can’t afford, close proximity without being exactly what I’m looking for, or the probable best fit (and cheapest) that is easily 40 minutes away…on a good day? Plus, on these appointments am I supposed to work out? Do I bring gym clothes? Do I even have anything suitable to work out in?!?! And at the gym…Puma’s or Sketchers? 

So much more complicated than I thought it would be! Comment and tell me your gym stories (awesome one! nightmares! how you picked one out!) or at least give me some sound advice!


  1. I’d say, start with Gold’s Gym. It’ll be the cheapest when you factor in gas & it’s the closest, so it’ll be easier to make yourself go. Then, once you’ve been good at going for a while & been committed then you can maybe treat yourself to the luxury one!!!

  2. Bostonista

    Thanks! I think that’s what I’m going to do! Hope you’re well!!!!

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