There was a time, circa 2000, when low rise jeans were cool but not standard. Jeans didn’t need to be labeled mid rise; it was a given. I’m not exactly sure when that changed but it suddenly seems to me that all jeans are low rise. Maybe my age is showing, or I’m finally coming to terms with my weird shape, but I no longer want to flash someone every time I bend over. In 2001, I’d let a thong peek out (I was a 15-year-old Britney fan after all) but now I feel like I’m constantly pulling jeans up or shirts down. I want to be comfortable! I WANT HIGH WAISTED SKINNY JEANS!

This is not as easily accomplished as you might think. After all, high waisted is just a small step away from the dreaded mom jeans or, worse, Jessica Simpson. (I’m sure you remember her infamous mom jeans incident!) I don’t want anything as exaggerated as that. I want my skinny jeans to hit just under my natural waist instead of the largest part of my hips! Is that so much to ask for?

Apparently, most denim designers think that high waisted equals bell bottoms, boot cuts and light washes. Not my favorite looks. But then I discovered this pair of High Rise Ankle Jeans by Current/Elliott while browsing online today. I think they might be the solution to my problem. 
have a rule about never spending more $150 on jeans but if these fit the way I expect them to I might have to splurge. 

Not your style? Check out these other high waisted skinny jeans options:

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