Sorry for the lack of updates my lovelies. November has been a crazy month with a hospital stay (yikes), complicated work changes, and a much needed two week vacation! 
But I’m back now and can’t wait to share one of my holiday discoveries with you! 
I know that being “The Bostonista” implies that I should only write about Boston, and maybe New England, but I had such a wonderful experience in Florida that I need to share it!
 While enjoying the Gulf of Mexico, I decided to take in a spa day…or two. So I ventured over to the Kay Casperson Spa & LifeStyle Boutique at the Seven Seas Resort on Captiva Island. 

(Daily Affirmations)

You know I’m skeptical about allowing people and new products near my ultra sensitive skin but between kissing, sunscreen and extreme temperature changes I needed something to calm my breakout!   I was desperate! 
After an amazing massage, I decided to take the jump and scheduled one of the Kay Casperson Signature Facials. It was the best thing I did over my entire vacation. Using Kay’s all natural skin products, my esthetician steamed, squeezed, and exfoliated my skin into soft submission. One of the great things about BIO is that each product includes a suggestion or affirmation for inner beauty that when taken to heart can be reflected back in your appearance. Basically, if you feel good about yourself and your choices then you’ll look good too!

(Repair Herbal Moisture Gel)

After my 30 minute treatment I was amazed by how my skin glowed and its soft, smooth texture. Although I found it uncomfortable after deep exfoliation during the treatment, I ended up purchasing the Repair Herbal Moisture Gel to bring home with me. I love how quickly the gel formula is absorbed and that the gotu kola ingredient helps to heal and moisturize. I’ve mostly been using it as a treatment for my problem areas but at night I apply a thin layer as a moisturizer. When applied as a spot treatment I can see an almost immediate reduction in redness and swelling. It is kind of miraculous.
The girls were sweet enough to give me a couple of samples of the other products that are perfect for sensitive skin like mine. Despite my best efforts to ration, I’m already running low on the Remove Cleansing Gel and I’m already planning on stocking up on the Resurface Herbal Masque for weekly home facials!

(Kay explaining her products and philosophy)

Kay Casperson began her career as a writer, consultant and teacher but discovered a passion for helping women embrace their inner beauty through affirmations and inspiring positive change in their lives. For more than a decade Kay’s skincare line, BIO Essentials, has been used in spas around the country. In 2009, she opened her first signature spa and boutique on Captiva with a second location opening in the next few months in Orlando. 

I really can’t recommend her products enough and if you are lucky enough to find yourself in Florida you definitely need to take some time to visit one of her spas. Your skin will thank you!

On another note entirely, congratulations to Sarah Arpino for winning my giveaway with Rent the Runway! If you missed the chance to enter, you can still sign up with code BOSTONISTA and receive $25 off your first order!

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