You’ve probably noticed my icon before but if not it’s a Chloe Sevigny wearing a Chloe cat mask:
But since I’ve been looking at this icon every day for almost six months it’s started to seep into my mind. And I’m now officially obsessed with girls in masks and pissed off that I can’t walk around in a mask all day, every day.
I just think they’re glamorous!
See what I mean? Yes, they’re mysterious and sexy but mostly I think they’re just fun! The world is in a very serious place right now and fashion has mostly been reflecting that. I just want to have fun and these fashionable masks allow for escapism and fantasy just as fashion should! But I think for a night out we could make a cat mask work, couldn’t we girls? 
If you love the Chloe mask you should check out this one
It looks remarkably similar and since it’s mass produced I’m sure it’s easy to find on other sites and at costume stores. Plus, it’s less than $10! Lets make this photo shoot trend into a real world trend!


  1. I think thise a great idea, always good to be able to express yourself through make-up and art. It allows you to escape from everyday normalites. I love them all..great post!! 🙂xxxx

  2. I love them, they look so cool and edgy. I saw the Luella one (I think) on MK in Nylon, but my favorites are the ones with feathers.

  3. Yum !I love the one Gemma is wearing, i posted it awhile back also. Masks are gorgeous…for an event.<3J

  4. Awesome post!! You should have a masked ball (or just a themed party)!!! Or just wear cute silk sleeping masks to bed like I do 🙂xoxox,CC

  5. Anonymous

    It would be so cute if you just showed up at a friends for a party night randomly wearing a mask. It really would be!

  6. The cat mask is really cute but I LOVE the fourth one. That’s such a striking photo!

  7. OMG I JUST DID A POST ABOUT MASK BALLS!!!!OMG!!!!coincidence!!!!i love your display picture : )great minds think alike : )

  8. Brilliance! If these don’t make it into our daily lives, we always have masked balls, right? Haha. I love these masks, but I adore the sheer ribbon mask Sophia Coppola dressed her Marie Antoinette in in the movie for the masked ball. So chic!

  9. i adore masks. maybe this year for halloween. tho i tried it last year and found out, ugh, I don’t have a face for masks. f to me.

  10. Anonymous

    I don’t think I actually have the face for masks either diabolina! but its fun to day dream! And these are definitely dreamy!

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