I can’t believe Jason Wu looked at model Ymre Stiekema in this formless, ill-fitting, peptobismal pink suit and thought, “YES! PERFECT! SEND HER DOWN THE RUNWAY!”
Are those pocket pleats?! With a loose top? Believe me, women do not want pleated pockets- it makes our hips look huge and points out things most of us would like to keep hidden. And couldn’t they have steamed those pants?
You’d think that his first collection since the First Lady turned him into a household name (his last showing was after the inauguration but so close in time that his collection was mostly done and didn’t have a lot of room for change) would be show-stopping and not mostly boring.
The oddly set (mirrored runway, opulent room, velvet curtains…) runway show wasn’t all bad. But it seemed as if Wu couldn’t decide if his clients are dowdy twenty-somethings or desperate cougars. Of course everything was beautifully made in ultra-luxe fabrics. Still, even at the prettiest it felt more like Betsy Johnson’s collection of prom dresses then a collection from a man who is supposed to be growing into the next Oscar de la Renta.
Here is a sample of the looks- a few that I love and some that made me very unhappy!
What do you think of Jason Wu’s latest collection? Is it Michelle Obama worthy or did it fall flat?


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