Jenni Kayne is, in my opinion, the queen of the cool-girl-basic. Maybe it’s because she’s a cool girl herself but she always seems to know what the urban girl with effortless style wants to wear and what she needs to fill in the rest of her closet.
That said, there isn’t a lot of originality here. The pictures from the presentation could easily be of girls you see on the sartorialist or on the classier of the American Apparel addicts. But I like it anyway!
There were some styling choices for the presentation that I didn’t like (some of the shoes are horrendous and some looks are over layered so you can’t see some pieces very well) but the individual pieces are beautiful separates!

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  1. aii
    ! your blog is the only thing that keeps me updated witht he fahsion shows because i havent been seeing the show reviews lately so merci mon cherie!!!!

    bisous bisous i havent come here for such a long time!

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