So I know that interior design isn’t something I normally talk about here but lately I’ve been daydreaming a lot about what I want when I’m older and settled down with a family.
My biggest obsession? Fireplaces in the kitchen! Not cooking fireplaces (that would be a disaster!) but ones that add a cozy, friendly feeling to the kitchen!
Isn’t the above one beautiful?!
I can just imagine a house full of kids sitting eating grilled cheese and soup on a cold winter afternoon with the fireplace glowing in the kitchen! Rather than being a place to rush through it helps turn it into a room where you want to spend time! Plus, even in a small space, it helps the room seem more open and sophisticated. It also gives a focal point that isn’t an appliance. I love big armchairs and couches in kitchens too…especially if you have a fireplace there!
My two favorite examples of the perfect fireplace kitchen-
:Sigh: Aren’t they lovely?
If you take that idea and put it into this you’d have my ideal kitchen–maybe some day I’ll be so lucky!
If any of these kitchens belong to you I’m green with envy!


  1. Interesting! I wouldn't immediately think of putting a fireplace in the kitchen area…

  2. there's something totally great about that tiffany's color blue in the kitchen.

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