Purple lips probably conjure up images of high school goths, Halloween, and bad make up artist portfolios.
But I think there is way to do a purple pout with elegance and have it look almost natural instead of costumey. Not that I don’t appreciate Gaga’s beauty POV, and of course there are times when plum works, but I find the right color of lavender to be great for every day life.
For just a glimpse of purple I suggest going the sheer route.
I’ve been using Benefit’s ultra-shine gloss in Kiss Me for a delicate wash of color.
When I want a just a tad more drama I use a light layer of MAC’s lip pencil in Magenta before the gloss. It helps keep the color longer and prevents the gloss from bleeding.
To really pack a purple punch I use Buxom’s Big & Healthy lipstick in Acapulco a vibrant lilac that smooths lips while also “plumping” them. Use in moderation for a natural look.
So why do I love lavender lips?
For one, it’s unexpected so I never blend into a crowd when I rock it but it also gives my face an amazing glow like no other product. 
What is your favorite lip look? 


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