Ok so not exactly Boston fashion news…or really fashion news at all but for those of you interested Perez Hilton is reporting that our dear Lindsay Lohan is actually going through with her leggings line, 6126 and she needs models for the “look book” but she won’t exactly be paying them:

Casting for Models for Look book Shoot- Looking for diverse, multi-cultural, mixed races, an “off beauty” is good as well as “beautiful”.. No Blondes please. 

CASTING FOR: The Look Book Shoot for 6126 – a new contemporary collection of leggings designed by Lindsay Lohan

USAGE: web, look book, worldwide
RATE: trade
DATE of SHOOT: May 9th 6am call time in Los Feliz (address TBC)
CASTING DATE: May 8, 2008 430pm
ADDRESS OF CASTING: 450 N Roxbury Drive (Little Santa Monica and Roxbury) 6th floor (Membrane Offices) ask for Sarah or Ken.

No phone calls please.
Please do not send models to the casting unless they are available for shoot and call time and they agree to trade terms.



  1. Love your blog, too! 🙂 I’d love to link up. I’ve already added you to mine.

  2. I am VERY interested to see how these leggings turn out, how many different kinds can you make?

  3. interesting piece of news….but i’m wondering why you’d need models to showcase just a leggings line???!! but i’ll guess we’ll find out soon

  4. I just can’t get that excited about LEGGINGS. Unless L. L. is going to bring some edge-cutting to the leggings scene, this whole thing makes me laugh a little.

  5. jesse lynn

    lindsay lohan fascinates me. in every picture she looks like a completely different person. and now she’s making leggings.

  6. I can’t wait to see how she pulls this off and how creative she can. What can she do that American Apparel hasn’t already done? I guess we’ll see. I’m into it. I have a love/hate relationship with Lilo but she fascinates me as well.

  7. Bostonista

    Well I’m sure Lindsay didn’t actually design any of the leggings. She probably just approved them. The actual photo shoot ended up being a paparazzi gang bang on Robertson in LA and they were just leggings. Except for one awesome pair of thigh highs. I’m obsessed with thigh highs.

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