Six months is apparently a lifetime at Louis Vuitton, where they’ve gone from dominatrix to delicate daisies in one season flat. 
But Marc Jacobs is, of course, the master of the quick change in the fashion world so this style 180 isn’t entirely unexpected.  Especially if this LV show is being taken as Jacob’s final audition for the job at Dior.
If the parade of the New Look down the Louis Vuitton runway is any indication he certainly wants the job!
As usual, it wasn’t all gorgeous. There were some awkward bodysuits, like this argyle sweater version.
 If it is this unflattering on Anja I can’t even begin to image how it would look on the rest of us.
Although, I suppose, we wouldn’t be pants-less!
I also could have done without the plastic, 3D flowers that adorned the evening gowns. They were voluminous enough without them!
For the most part this was a lovely, sweet collection for Spring that will certainly sell.
Especially the Celine-eqsue shapes of some of the new leather handbags.
If this was Marc’s final collection for Louis Vuitton it was a pretty note to finish on.
(And then there was Kate.)
Thanks to Style.Com for the pictures!


  1. Great review of this collection, generally I like this collection, wonder wjay is going to happen with Dior?!

    Rianna xxxx

  2. The crotch on that argyle bodysuit is now seared into my brain forever. I need brain bleach for that.

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