I’m feeling very ambivalent about the Marc Jacobs SS 2010 so far. It is theatrical and beautiful and incoherent and ugly.
Maybe I just need a closer look?
I get his ideas and that this is a collection about being an individual and getting away from the “cool New York” girl look. That you can be cool and whimsical when everyone else is black skinny jeans and angry. I get it. I get that this is mostly going to be for editorial, especially the way it was styled for the show.
And when the collection is broken down there are clearly wearable pieces- like the coats and jackets. They’ll do well in stores because there is a coat for every women: romantic with ruffles, masculine with military touches, and in many different colors and shapes. Of course, Marc is a genius at accessories and most of these shoes and bags will continue his streak as an accessories favorite. I found the scarves particularly interesting!
But I think a lot of people outside of fashion won’t understand the collection until it hits stores and even then may be confused with what to do with it. Every season I try to take Marc piece by piece and try to look beyond common threads and ignore the many references splattered into the collection. You really do have to do that here with this collection as well.
But I really do love the geisha makeup!
This last piece, Marc’s “wedding dress”, is my absolute favorite piece from all of NY Fashion Week (so far anyway)!



  1. I actually agree- I appreciate his overall vision and love the ruffles/layering but don't really think it's my fave of what I have seen from MJ. The wedding dress is stunning though.

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