I have a love/hate relationship with Versace.
I love the history of the house. I hate how overtly sexual most of the pieces are.
I love Gianni. I go back and forth on Donatella.
So I didn’t watch the live stream today.
I have to say this collection felt….different.
It was far less about sex appeal than usual which was a good thing.
I’m fairly certain that the floral prints were lifted from the Versace archives.
The minimal baroque theme ran through out and felt like a weak attempt at Prada’s spring collection.
There was still some signature Versace here- tight dresses, leather, super high heels, and feathery fringe! Plus, the coats were beautifully constructed. I could have done without some of the color combinations- purple and green remind me of cartoon dragons.
Thanks to NowFashion.Com for pictures!


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