MK looked so stunning at the NYC screening of her new movie, The Wackness, last night!
She’s been wearing a lot Kimono inspired pieces lately which I love. But kimono sleeves always seem to look wrong or awkward on me somehow. Maybe you have to be tiny to pull it off? Anyway, I wish we could get a detail shot of her amazing orange shoes…look at the top of them! I’m not sure how I feel about them with this dress but they’re definitely interesting. 
I also loved that she paired that intense, leather (Balenciaga?) belt with this soft, feminine dress. The belt doesn’t exactly cinch her waist so much as make her appear fuller, sturdier, somehow. The deeply cut dress would be too easy on it’s own; the belt maybe you can have it but you have to work for it.
Still, my favorite thing might just be seeing MK look happy, healthy, and really pretty. I usually get annoyed with her makeup choices because she’s such a beautiful girl and she seemed set on erasing that a few times on the red carpet. But here she just looks like a beautiful girl.
Her after party sartorial choice is bewildering. For one thing it’s colorful and for the other well…see for yourself…
First thought? Did she steal that dress from The Golden Girl’s wardrobe department? And black shoes with that? Really? And…is that really the bag to carry with this?
But then I erased the shoes and bag from the picture. I pulled the dress down slightly and belted it just a bit looser so that the neckline was a little lower. I put nude, very simple, flat, sandals on her. And I saw something in it. It’s a shock to see MK in pastels but once you get past that (and the poor accessorizing) I really love this dress on her. I know it’s weird, and maybe a bit old lady by the pool. But I like the idea that she saw this somewhere and just liked it. No stylist could have possibly been involved (not that MK uses them anyway but you know what I mean…) it’s not perfect. It’s a strange risk but I like it. And I like that she took it. I would have done it differently but if this dress made her feel confident and pretty then that’s all that matters. And I think it might have!
Don’t forget to watch David Letterman tonight…MK will be making a very rare late night TV appearance to promote The Wackness, presumably talk up both The Row and Elizabeth & James, and hopefully tell us about her episode on next season’s Samantha Who!


  1. Thank you for the lovely pictures… MK looks always great! I guess you are right, Kimono needs someone tiny to pull off… The belt gives more defination as well!

  2. OMG I am loving MK more and more. She seems to have really matured a lot – I just read a fab interview with her in ELLE. Can’t wait to see The Wackness! Btw, did the tag; thanks for the shout-out 🙂

  3. Bostonista

    Sometimes she looks like she doesn’t have a neck.

  4. omg! i didn’t notice that. but her neck is so tiny & short! i do think MK is adorable, and I am a big fan of the kimono, but the after-party dress is just too old-lady for me to fully appreciate.

  5. I don’t know how she does it, but she always looks great wearing some risky pieces. The kimono is lovely and the belt, severe but unpredictable and the shoes–they remind me of a velociraptor–win, win, win. MK is all about “I like this and this and this, I’m going to wear it all because I want to and I don’t care if it’s perfect.” She’s so inspiring! I even love the Golden Girls dress. I’d wear it right now.

  6. its so unfair that she can wear almot anything, well anything at that and still pull it off! i mean i never would of thought a kimino inspired dress could look that good on such a short person, i thought it would dwarf her even more, but it hasnt, she still looks 5ft7 and i dont think i could make it work as good as MK has..great post 🙂

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