I was flattered to receive an invite to MM6 by Maison Martin Margiela especially since I didn’t have the nerve to even request one! So, of course, I had to squeeze in a drop by the presentation!
(Side note: When you say Maison Martin Margiela out loud, can you only hear Jay-Z rapping it in your head? No? Is that just me?)
I wasn’t sure what to expect from a New York influenced, Paris brand; but the kid sister of Maison Martin Margiela didn’t disappoint once I made it downtown.
The practical urban woman made an appearance in the form of luxurious sweats (take your most comfortable sweatshirt and shape it into a blazer) and oversized sweaters. 
Partly the styling but mostly the workmanship even simple long tank dresses took on an easy chic vibe especially when paired with a sling backpack that wouldn’t look out of place on Katniss’ shoulders. 

(When can I get my hands on those magenta shoes?)

There were a couple of missteps. 
The orchid silk skirt was beautiful but seemed to belong to a different collection. The oversize shirt with  a Frenchmen’s scarf? That just needs to stay at the wineries of Provence! 
Even still, there was a lot to love here. This was a modern woman’s luxe basic collection and based solely on some of the street style I witnessed today this is one “diffusion” line that is only going to thrive. 
Thanks to the MM6 Team, and the Starworks team (especially Austin) for the invitation!


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  1. Haha. YES. Every time I say it in my head I'm like “I'm in Maison…Martin Margiela”. You're right, despite some slightly questionable details there's so much to love. So good.


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