Still no offical word from anyone about anything. But my very favorite ladies (and guy) over at Fashionista have their take from their own sources over at Elle. Basically they say that it was very quiet, no one was screaming or throwing Loubatins as much as we’d love to believe it.

What’s True: Everyone’s quick to say that Nina was never around, and rarely seen in her office. Project Runway was the reason to keep her on, which everyone thought would only be for one more season, but after Lifetime bought it, well, that was just a little too long to hang on.

So the big bad story? Nina was making too much money for not doing any actual work related to being a Fashion Director of a major magazine. Guess that’s the price of TV stardom.

So there you go. Hopefully we’re done with this but with all of the gossip it probably won’t be the last we’ve heard of it.

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