I was pretty excited to come home late last night and trip over a tiny UPS box placed inconveniently on my dark back porch. Well, okay once I got inside and saw that I wasn’t terribly bruised I was concerned that I had sleep-shopped online and used my credit card without remembering it again. But then I opened the box and found out that someone at Neutrogena is a fan of Bostonista and sent me the Wave! 
I had been wanting to try out the Wave for a while so I used it right away and tried it again today. But I have a prescription face wash so I’m always weary of trying new things on my face. But my dermatologist says that its a good idea to switch it up every once in a while so that it remains effective like with shampoo. 

The Pros:
-The soap on the pads smell absolutely amazing.
-The vibrating sensation feels wonderful.
-It’s fun and really simple. I did not feel like washing my face last night because for me its a whole process that takes forever. I just wanted to collapse. But I snapped on the foaming pad, turned on the wave and rubbed it over my face all that dirt, makeup and grime from the day was gone in no time at all.
-My skin was incredibly soft and smooth afterwards. It also continued to be tingly long after I was done using it.
-It’s (obviously)waterproof which means you can use it in the shower.

The Cons:
-You really shouldn’t use it two days in a row. Yes, my skin is now incredibly soft but the formula of the cleansing pads is very drying. Using them every day would over exfoliate your skin and leave it a dry mess.
-The pads aren’t reusable which means a lot of waste washing your face with a regular cleanser wouldn’t create and it would be expensive to keep buying the refills. The Wave comes with 14 pads and since it’s recommended for daily use that means it’s only two-weeks worth. At CVS the box of refills is $7.99 for a box of 30 cleansing pads.
-The pads aren’t individually wrapped so as soon as you open the package you need to put it in a Ziploc bag so that they won’t dry out before you even use them.

I think this is a great product when used as a supplement in addition to your usual skin care routine. So my final thought is that if you use it twice a week your skin will be super smooth and won’t dry out. Plus, it’ll be cheaper in the long run. I definitely recommend checking it out.

Thanks so much to Neutrogena for sending me The Wave! 



  1. Anonymous

    I wish companies would send me free things! lucky!

  2. Anonymous

    It would be better if you could put any kind of wash on it that you wanted instead of just the specific one.

  3. Anonymous

    I thought it left a film on your face after a while. I agree with the poster above it would be better if you could use the machine with any kind of wash you like except of course that wouldn’t be profitable for neutrogena over the long term once everyone had the machine part of the wave.

  4. I’ve always been curious about these things! Thanks for the thorough pro/con list.Thanks so much for linking me! I’m doing the same : )

  5. so is it working??? im in europe. why cant i find it nowhere!!! its not fair. sooo, tell us more.

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