Need a fast Halloween costume for tonight?
Don’t fret!
You can be every vampire’s favorite waitress with things you already own in five seconds flat!
Sookie Stackhouse Halloween Costume!

Step 1: Pull hair into a sleek high pony tail. Loosely curl ends of pony tail. Hair spray.

Step 2: Pull on a tight white t-shirt (push up bra underneath optional) and tuck into a pair of black short shorts.

Step 3: Sneakers! Black & white sneakers are the best but you can use whatever you have.

Step 4: Take black eyeliner and draw two small circles/dots next to each other on the side of your neck–Vampire bite marks!

You can add a Sookie Stackhouse name-tag on your shirt and a mini-notebook to take orders!

Viola! Five minute Sookie Stackhouse Halloween costume!

Have fun and be safe tonight!


  1. Easy and effortless… good for people like me, who don't care much for Leg Avenue and the likes! Hope you had a good one!

  2. Great costume idea! Wish I'd thought of it. I didn't dress as anything this year (last year I was Sarah Palin!). Did you dress up?

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