I hate to say it but I was pretty disappointed in Erin Fetherston’s showing. Normally ethereal princess wear is what my dreams are made of but Erin’s head was in the clouds…literally. It started with a colorful cloud print…

and then proceeded to to shroud emaciated girls in marshmallows and fluff…

Maybe I just feel as though the world is in a darker place or maybe I’m personally in a darker place and I can’t fit dreamy clouds into my view of the world right now. Still, the world needs some light and bright in moderation and when Fetherston used her inspiration less literally her dreamy confections shined.



  1. i do like the dress three up from the bottom, white with the blue sash and ruffled bottom. I think she looks like the best kind of cloud. but i’m bored by the rest.

  2. this is really bad. i get her whole fairytale girly thing but this is overdoing it. she either needs a new shtick or needs to severely update the one she has because she is bordering on desperate at this point. i still rock her heart bag though.

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