Marc by Marc Jacobs was a youthful extension of his signature collection from the previous night. (Mommy Dearest has already been roped into buying me the jacket above on Chanel Iman when it hits stores in the spring!) 
If you love the jumper trend then you’ll be happy to see it back along with colorful rope necklaces, summer weight scarves, and lots of layering. 
It was a great collection that, while not ambitious, is definitely going to be a big hit with the younger crowd; expect a commercial hit to be carried in lots of stores.
PS: How cute was Mark during his bow? Love the kilt, Marc!


  1. after the beautiful spring collection this year, spring 2009 bored me to tears. i think the colors are too muted for me. crying.

  2. he’s always good. this collection is nice and i’d wear it all but it’s just a bit safe, which i guess is okay because he is usually not so. still love him though. who doesnt.

  3. does anybody know the brand of sandal he wore on the show? i love that man-gladiator sandal

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