My last event at New York Fashion Week was great (and not just because I had an actual seat) because I have been a fan of Norman Ambrose for quite some time now!
Meant to evoke the way light changes in the Mediterranean as the sun rises from the East the garments sparkled and moved like water.
Except for the occasional forays to the East (in the shapes of hats and some prints) this was the perfect collection for sleek, sophisticated women on a beachside vacation. Some of the silvery prints reminded me of aquatic life (specifically jellyfish) which, if today’s Chanel show is any indication, will be a big trend come spring.
(Blurry pictures are mine and the rest are courtesy of Norman Ambrose)
Thank you to everyone at Norman Ambrose & MAO PR!

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  1. It great post and this look is beautiful! I like your style. I love cool outfits these are beautiful. Much creativity last sequence featured a range of ultra-glamorous in this dress.

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