Ah New York Fashion Week! My favorite holiday!
…What do you mean fashion week isn’t a holiday?
Anyway, lets get right to the collections starting with my favorite It line, Vena Cava.
The girl’s say that this collection was inspired by a city girl’s winter weekend getaway in the country- they might be in the woods but they still need an abundance of sophisticated glamour. No Uggs for these girls!
The looks that glided down the runway were great together but could easily be taken apart so that each piece would work into any woman’s wardrobe. One of the things that I love about Vena Cava is the versatility that makes it so easy to really infuse your own personality into the pieces.
On the runway black turtlenecks were layered under everything from low cut dresses to other sweaters and short rompers to wool cloaks. Beautiful furs accented pieces made with silk and lace while the jewelry was created by London based Mawi. I would have liked a little bit more color in the collection but hair streaked with pinks and blues and eye popping shades of makeup added color to the show. As a whole the collection merged ladylike old new york glamour with some of the designers’ downtown punk background.
Click on the thumbnails for a closer look!
(Photo Credits: Style.Com, The Fashion Spot Forums, and Refinery 29. Thank you!)


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