(Mary Kate Olsen, host Simon Doonan, and Debra Messing at the Diet Pepsi Style Studio)

I’m excited to have Bostonista’s first ever guest blogger, Jessica Richards, making her premiere tonight!
She’s one of two bloggers graciously covering a few NYFW events and shows for Bostonista so keep an eye out for her updates through out the week as well as some from The Trendy Dwarf himself!

The designers and their creations at Diet Pepsi Style Studio

Admit it; you’re guilty of about ninety percent of the Shit Fashion Girls Say. Secretly we revel in the fact that we work in an industry that on any given day at work we can announce “I’m channeling Daphne Guinness, but in a pencil skirt” to approving nods. Someone might even add that they’re thinking about getting bangs. 
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_zXlFukRnM]
Simon Doonan presents the finale

Simon Doonan obviously knows his audience. 
At Thursday night’s Diet Pepsi Style Studio Fashion Show, the crowd roared as he presented the work of four regional designers with equal parts cheeky and acerbic wit that Fashion Girls Eat Right Up. Looks included fierce safari prints, avant-garde work wear (hence Doonan’s suggestion to bring Guinness to the workplace) and metallic finishes inspired by the Diet Pepsi can itself. 
Lining the front row were Kristen Chenoweth, Angela Simmons, Kelly Rutherford, Sandra Lee, Christian Cota, Debra Messing, and Mary-Kate Olsen (Bostonista: !!!!!!!), as well as set designer, Jonathan Adler. 
Jessica lives in NYC but attended BU so she’s got Boston attitude in spades!
Make sure to follow her on twitter @jessicaxrich 
Photo 2 copyright Jessica Richards & TheBostonista.Com
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  1. to be at nyfw is a dream come true and to meet one of the olsen twins is icing on the cake 😉

    Hope all is well my dear, have a great weekend!

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