You know my obsession with Rodarte runs on the side of fanatical.
And the Mulleavy sister’s have only intensified my love of their line with the S/S 2011 collection.
I was so disappointed when MAC pulled their collaboration with Rodarte this past month (I had planned on buying the entire line since I figured it was the only Rodarte I’d ever be able to afford!) even though I understood the thinking behind it. At least I have the MAC Disney Villains collab to look forward to. I also wonder if the makeup was done by MAC and if they used the makeup that had been produced but not shipped since it was full of the golds and dusty clay colors the collection had promised.
Anyway, back to the topic at hand!
I’ve always felt that Rodarte was not so much fashion as it was art.
This time, the girls have managed to fuse their aesthetic and artistic vision with absolutely wearable clothing.
For the first time the girls pieces look surprisingly simple and showed restraint.
I think they’ve made a conscious decision to become more commercial friendly- which only makes sense in order to continue the business.
Metallic shorts with a cutout knit blouse aren’t exactly what I think of as “Rodarte” but it was so beautifully done that it retains what makes the Mulleavy sister’s so brilliant but also they are sure to be best sellers!
I loved all the mixing of fabrics, prints and colors- the girls told Style.Com that they were inspired by their childhood backyard- the California landscape, redwoods, but there was also a clear nod to Ming vases, gladiators , and maybe even some McQueen influences.
The shoes were metals and woods carved into butterflies and flowers covered with amazing prints proving the sisters are still the fantastical girls who started Rodarte five years ago.
I have to say that Rodarte’s S/S 2011 has been my favorite collection so far from NYFW.
What has been your favorite show? And what do you think of Rodarte heading towards a more commercial outlook?


  1. Jaime @ La vie...J'aime

    I'd love to see a close up of the shoes- they sound amazing!

  2. Bostonista

    I know! I've been looking for closeups but I haven't found any great ones yet. When I do I'll try to update the post!

  3. Their newest collection has a decidedly playful sixties vibe, don't you think? I could totally see starlets like Kirsten Dunst and Rachel Bilson making a beeline for these designs…

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