Do you love the Elizabeth & James jewelry line by Robert Lee Morris but can’t afford it? Me too! But here is a secret- while Robert Lee Morris does design the E&J jewelry line with the Olsens he also does a “low” end line for…QVC! Yes, the shop at home television station that your grandma loves!
While the lines have two distinct looks some of the styles tend to overlap which means you can get the E&J style without the E&J price.
For example the Elizabeth & James Freeform Dish ring in brass is $175 (you can find it in silver for $225)
while RLM Studio at QVC has the Sterling Erosion ring for $88.50

It doesn’t have the same vintage “hammered” feeling but it recreates the shape and “bowl” look.
Another big theme in the E&J collection for fall is snakes…
The E&J snake ring is $155 with a clearly defined head and antique look
while the RLM Studio River Ring doesn’t have a head but the design is otherwise the same in a glossy silver for only $50.45
Are they exact replicas? No. But I’m a big believer that costume jewelry shouldn’t cost a lot especially when they’re “trendy” pieces. And when the same designer is doing similar looks at a lower price point its hard not to look into it.


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