Despite being a fashion blogger, and working at the best contemporary boutique in Boston, I don’t actually shop very often. I’m a girl on a budget, after all! So it’s fair to expect my fall 2017 wishlist to be endless but there are only six pieces on it! Can you guess the six pieces on my fall 2017 wishlist?  Shop my fall 2017 wishlist below and tell me what’s your must-have this season?

Okay, so it might be a small list but it is kind of decadent. I guess.

  1. A Camel Coat: There is something so sophisticated about a long camel coat.  It reminds me of the autumn scenes in You’ve Got Mail. Did Meg Ryan even wear a camel coat in that movie? Anyway, I’m partial to this take on the classic by Rag & Bone, but the fit is really the most important thing to consider. Where it hits on the leg, how it feels on the shoulders, where it buttons. A streamlined, to the knee style, will work on nearly everyone. See my other camel coat favorites by clicking “Keep Reading”!
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