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Nothing makes me happier than an afternoon on Beacon Hill. For me, Chestnut Street is quintessentially Boston. I think it’s the most inspiring spot in the entire city. If I could spend all of my time exploring those tiny alleyways and side streets I would. Of course, walking over all those uneven bricks and cobblestones (as beautiful as they are) does quite a number on your feet! I’m always running late to begin with so I can’t be slowed down by uncomfortable shoes. It’s why I love Rockport’s Total Motion Tall Strap Boots so much because I can practically skip along those old streets for hours without a moment of discomfort! Total Motion technology gives shoes unprecedented flexibility which means they actually move with your feet. Plus, I love the tweed and zipper detailing.

What powers you? Tell Rockport via social media with the tags #PoweredByHeels and #Sweeps for a chance to win an all expenses paid spa trip…in Miami! Make sure to enter by October 31st!

#sweeps, #RockportChallenge, #PoweredByHeels, Outfits, normcore, Boston Fashion, Boston Fashion Blogger, Beacon Hill,

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