The sinister and perverse have found a home in Milan on Miuccia Prada’s fall 09 runway. This was a serious collection for a serious woman one who may not often be identified with Prada. Beyond the usual feminine and ingenue delights (remember last year’s much coveted Prada fairy bags) this collection was about utility and an almost disturbing kind of lust.

Leather boots went higher than mid thigh and only stopped to expose flashes of skin under high hemlines or tiny hair shorts. Occasionally glimpses of bright color could be seen thanks to surprisingly placed slashes and split-open seams that would have been indecent if it wasn’t so Prada.

Fur was sparsely but brilliantly used as vests and bags and the shoes went from simple and demure to powerful and sexy. The models glittery red-lined eyes only added to the serious vibe and allowed the pale girls to be turned into stomping, angry women.

My only complaint? Does a serious woman not condition her hair? I found the frizzy, pinned hair distracting.

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