Kate Bosworth shined and shimmered in Chanel at the Met Gala.

Pictured here with Karl Lagerfeld of course.

But my favorite part of her look was her makeup!

Normally I think bright blue eyeshadow is a mistake but in keeping with the theme of the party and with the way it was applied I think Kate totally rocked it. 

And you can easily recreate the look in a way that works for you without looking like you were a groupie kicked out of Studio 54.

One of the great things about blue is that it works with nearly ANY complexion as long as you’re working with the right shades. 

First smooth your favorite light, liquid foundation and blend, blend, blend! You’re going for a clean, barely there look so apply with a slightly damp makeup sponge or soft brush. I really like Clinique’s Almost Makeup since it’s oil free with SPF and is so light you can’t even feel it on your skin. A great tip to helping your eye makeup last longer is to brush your liquid foundation over your lids and blend it up to your brow bone. Let this set before you start working on your eyes! While you’re waiting use a big soft blush brush to lightly dust the most natural pink blush you own over the apples of your cheeks all the way up to your temples. This should be very light, with most of the color concentrated on the apples until it is nearly invisible at the temple. Try Cover Girl’s Cheekers Blush in Natural Shimmer or Rose Silk.

Now onto the tricky part: bright blue shadow. Notice that while Kate’s lids are blue the shadow does not extend much past the crease and doesn’t even go near her brow. This is very important: If you’re going to use a bright color use it sparingly. Find a shade of blue that you’re comfortable with. Part of the reason it works so great on Kate because she’s confident!
Then line your bottom lid very gently with a white liner like Rimmel’s Soft Kohl Kajal pencil in Pure White and blend the liner into the inner corner of your upper lid. This will make your eyes appear clearer and slightly larger. With your blue color use a thin brush and sweep a line from the inner corner out to a slight wing at the tip as if you were using a brush on liner. Then fill in your lids with a few uneven sweeps making sure to add a little more to the wing at the tip.  I personally think MAC’s Fresh Water  eye shadow is a perfect match to Kate’s and is sheer enough that you can comfortably layer until you’ve achieved the color and shape that  you’re going for. 

Finally use a really soft black mascara (a dark black or a navy would be too overwhelming with the blue shadow) and a pretty pink or pale lavender lip gloss but absolutely NOT hot pink. That would be way too eighties but something glossy and light that compliments your skin tone would be perfect so long as its neutral for example Maybelline’s Shiny-licious lip gloss in Crushed Candy. 

So will you be wearing blue eyeshadow anytime soon or is it best left in the past?

(Please excuse my grammar and disorientation since it’s 3:30 AM.)



  1. jesse lynn

    i love this dress. i think the eye shadow works too kbear.

  2. I hate myself for saying this…but I hate everything about this picture except for Karl. Blue eye shadow, in any capacity and especially on blondes, is just not a concept I can rally around. It’s so hard to pull off and though the eye shadow looks better close up…all I can think of is John Waters movies. I’d have to see the dress in person to get a better read.

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