The Mulleavy sisters used a collage of stones, wood, and metal to build their fantastical collection inspired by architectural artist Gordon Matta-Clark. Except of course that the materials were actually opulent fabrics. The creatures that stomped down the runway could have been volcano goddesses erupting from the Earth or mermaids emerging from the sea. While last season the girls were extraterrestrial this time the look was clearly earthly and organic. 
Many of the mini dresses resembled straight-jackets made of marble and yet there was a movement and softness to the garments that could have come across as severe. The look was relentless but captivating and although there will be some Balanciaga and Balmain comparisons and complaints of their lack of commercial appeal I found a lot to love in their thigh high leather boots, wearable chunky knits, and the brooding colors. In my opinion the point of Rodarte has never been commercial success it’s been their power to evoke strong emotion. If others are designers than the Mulleavy sisters are artists.


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    if you’re going to steel pictures from susie bubble at least credit her.

  2. Bostonista

    I have a credits section on my side bar that explains my photo use. I’m very clear about the fact that none of the pictures belong to me unless otherwise noted and my readers (the majority of whom read many fashion blogs including the ones I read) understand that. If you are “susie bubble” or associated with her and want me to remove it please email me and let me know. In the future if you’re going to accuse me of “steeling” don’t do it anonymously.

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