You guys know I’m a huge fan of Rodarte. I think the Mulleavy sisters are artistic geniuses.
I respect their vision. The shapes were as perfect as ever but this wasn’t my favorite Rodarte presentation.
This collection was certainly a kind of evolution for the brand- It went from Gothic to angelic. The girls know that they need to keep moving forward because (even with their unbelievable construction skills) they were on the edge of being pigeonholed.
The construction and silhouettes were breathtaking and I adored all of the white garments. Nicholas Kirkwood once again designed the shoes- they looked like candles dripping wax and actually lit up inside the heels. Kitschy but beautiful. I also loved the sheer, silk pants embroidered with flowers and crystals. Practical? No. Gorgeous? Yes!
It was the floral prints that threw me off. I was happy to see them let soft whimsy in (it had worked so well with the Target collection) but sometimes the prints were so busy that I could barely see the designs behind them.
(Photo Credits: WWD, Catwalking, The Fashion Spot)


  1. Lovely- making some fashion week posts right now.. 🙂

  2. i love the floral prints but then again…what do i know about fashion? aside from “i'd wear this, i'd wear that”

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