I was really excited to hear that my favorite line, Rodarte, was doing a line for Target because lets face it, when am I ever going to be able to afford Rodarte otherwise?
When I thought about it I was pretty concerned- how on earth could Rodarte translate their very specific, and beautiful, aesthetic at that price point? They can’t…can they?
It turns out I was right- but not entirely. Rodarte & Target offered the press a sneak peak today and Paper blogger, Julia Frakes snuck a few cell phone pics for twitter.
I’m pleasantly surprised by what I see!
The colors, shapes, and use of tulle and ribbons keep things as whimsical and pretty as the real line.
Plus, unlike most Target collaborations, the Mulleavy sisters have designed a huge collection and it’s all priced at under $80!
Expect to see the collection hit stores in time for the holidays!
UPDATE: Target sweetly asked me to remove all pictures from the Target Long-Lead Editor preview of the Rodarte collaboration. I can’t wait to see the full collection and give you guys the proper introduction that it deserves closer to the holidays! Thanks for understanding!



  1. i totally agree…i even put the debut date on my google calendar so i wouldn't forget!!!

  2. I am so excited! Sometimes I don't like the lines, but this one I think I will enjoy. The preview pics do look promising!

    I bought a wicked cute Tracy Feith for Target dress earlier this summer- his line was one I really enjoyed.

  3. i love rodarte too! hopefully i'll find some pieces for me that won't impact my expenses too much 😉

  4. This is the most exciting Target collab! I can not wait to see the pieces.


    and alexander wang and balmain and chanel and well basically i liveeee for rodarte we belong to the same fairytale world!!!

    for target ah bellisima!!!!!!!

    gros bisous

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