If you’ve read my blog before you probably already know that I haven’t always been the biggest Sasha Pivovarova. When she started out I thought of her as the “scary” Gemma Ward and brushed her off. Later, I pointed out that she was scary skinny and downright ugly but I’m big enough to admit it was mostly out of jealousy!
But this season, for the first time in many, I really took a liking to Miss Sasha P.
Before I knew that she was taking pictures of the backstage action for Vogue Paris I thought it was sweet that she was taking pictures of herself before the runway. Even after I found out about her assignment I still felt like it was a sign that even after all of these years she hasn’t been jaded by the industry. She still understands the excitement and glamour surrounding fashion week and appreciates that she’s in a position that thousands of girls dream about!
Maybe her face just seems softer and sweeter lately.
Whatever it is, I’m officially in the Sasha Pivovarova fan club!
Lets check out some of her best work from the past few weeks!
Click the thumbnails for a better view!

At Vogue Paris’ La Bal Masque Party
American Vogue November 2010
Vogue Paris November 2010



  1. The Shopping Forecast

    Love all of these stylish pictures!

  2. Random, but I really like what Chanel Iman is wearing in that picture.

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