Suzy Menkes interviewed the amazing Sofia Coppola  this week in Paris to discuss her Louis Vuitton collaboration. She’s created an amazingly sophisticated accessories line for the brand. It’s not surprising that Sofia has done a high-profile project since she’s been Marc Jacobs (he is creative director and head designer at LV) muse for most of his career and she is possibly the chicest modern woman. 
The bags are based around her ideal day bag while the shoes are based on a memory of a pair of YSL’s that belonged to her mother in the 1970s. And while this isn’t her first trip down the fashion road (she co-founded the super adorable Milk Fed in the 90s with friends) she almost (almost) rules out the idea of doing a full on  collection claiming she doesn’t have the patience to really learn about proportions and details.
The line is launching in Tokyo on December 5th and will hit LV stores world wide in March.

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  1. What a grand collaboration. Cannot seem to contain my excitement. She'll definitely bring some classic looks to the line as well as luxury.Thanks for your comment<3♥/ <> fashion chalet<>

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