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Interior home design is a personal expression of style and character – much like an outfit or hairstyle. With a few clever updates, homeowners can completely transform drab and lifeless living spaces into fashionably chic and alluring areas. 
Updating interiors rewards homeowners now, but also in the future when they invite guests over or when they decide to sell their homes. A stylish and fashionable interior showcases the home in the best possible light. Here are five simple steps to achieving an artful and fashionable abode!

1. Refresh Using Muted Colors
Infusing spaces with unexpected, yet tasteful color palettes creates a chic update to living areas. Team light gray with watercolor tones such as Celadon green and rose pink to create a fresh and calming feel to any room. Avoid bold and vibrant hues that tend to distract from the rest of the layout and make rooms feel cramped. For a timeless look, decorate with black and white alone. Add these new color palettes to rooms with a fresh coat of paint. Include bolder hues in smaller doses through furniture and accessories.
2. Blend Tasteful Furniture with Modern Appliances
Choose core furniture piece in a contemporary style with clean lines. Opt for colors and textures that blend harmoniously with the new wall colors. Add flair with trendy pieces such as cushioned and upholstered ottomans, vintage trunks and Moroccan-style poufs. In the kitchen, update dining tables or bar seating using Lucite chairs and replace worn out appliances with reflective stainless steel.
3. Incorporate Trendy Accessories
Creatively add trending accessories for dynamic texture. Reflective ornaments in brass, metal and chrome add a stylish and modern look to any room. Team these with fresh summer blooms such as peonies and hydrangeas in popular mason jars. Mirrors are timeless interior accents, making rooms appear larger while adding contemporary edge. Include unframed mirrors for a sleek look or a large feature star burst mirror for a bold statement.
4. Create Inviting Ambiance
Bright lights are out and subtle, sexy lights are in! Avoid using recessed lighting to illuminate rooms; instead, use overhanging floor lamps or eclectic table lamps. For some modern romance, twist a rope of twinkle lights around the bed frame or add a customized neon cursive sign above the bed. A bar cart in the living room immediately adds a relaxed and casual vibe. Finally, create a warm atmosphere with great music playing in the background. Install a sound system or invest in a portable music dock. Stream a music station of your favorite tunes to set the mood. 
5. Keep It Simple and Organized
Uphold clean visual lines by eliminating clutter as much as possible. Create storage areas in each room for daily items to avoid the inevitable build-up. Keep in mind less is more as rooms can feel overcrowded with unnecessary pieces of furniture and accessories. Assess the use of each room before designing. Decorating a space for a particular purpose makes it much easier to keep the style simple. For instance, a workout room doesn’t require a desk and an office space won’t need candles. Remove any dated items that hinder the overall look of symmetry and balance.
Above all, have fun! With simple edits to interiors, homes can easily remain fashionable and on trend. Check out more fresh summer design ideas at Zillow Digs.
Written By Emily Creswick for Zillow and The Bostonista.
Original Image via HomeBunch//Edited by The Bostonista.


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