So we all know that Stella McCartney hates animal cruelty and refuses to use leather or fur in any of her collections. But what happens when another company uses some of her pieces in an ad for a fur company? 
She flips out.
So here’s the story…
According to The Daily Mail Hockley, a fur boutique in London, was shooting their ad campaign and supposedly requested a vintage bra to be worn under the $12,000 fur coat. Somehow the bra used was not vintage but a piece from Stella’s lingerie line without, obviously, permission. Except that someone from Stella had loaned the bra to a stylist (a common practice) to use so isn’t that, technically, granting permission?
Anyway, according to a source, Stella “went ballastic” when she saw the ad in a magazine (you can see it in this month’s Vogue UK) and wants to sue! Hockley, meanwhile, issued an apology:

Hockley is aware of Stella McCartney’s views and is respectful of them. This was an unfortunate mistake and Hockley would not intentionally make anyone feel uncomfortable. Hockley both requested and was told that the item was a vintage piece and apologises for any embarrassment caused to Stella McCartney. It is not Hockley’s intention to use the image again.

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