Anyone who reads Vogue on a regular basis is probably familiar with Lauren Santo Domingo. 
The Vogue “Contributing Editor”, and founder of online trunk show Moda Operandi, is often featured in the society and party pages of Vogue and other glossy magazines. 
I was aware of her but never paid much attention until she breezed past me at Lincoln Center in September, blackberry in hand, all perfectly messy blonde hair and perfume. Her style is luxe but attainable. Plus, and maybe its a new mom thing, the woman literally glows. 
I might have stared.
 Of all the famous faces I saw at fashion week it was Lauren who left me starstruck. 
Besides her style the fact that she is an under-the-radar socialite is endlessly appealing to me. Yes, she’s photographed a lot but she’s also sort of mysterious. She gives interviews but they seem to mock her own public image and never reveal much about her life. Even her twitter (@theLSD) is only sporadically updated and rarely about anything personal just her business or a shout out to a party host.
Lauren comes from wealth (just google Poland Springs heiress) and is now married to a billionaire but she seems like a genuinely sweet, incredibly approachable girl!
(Lauren front row at Thakoon SS 2012)
Why can’t I make a simple blazer and jeans look this effortless? 
(Outside Lincoln Center)
Carven, Balenciaga, Celine, and Hermes all in one outfit? 
Yeah, just another day at the office.

Finally, she has my dream home office/closet. 
I think its brilliant to combine the two into one peaceful, and beautiful, room!
Who are your current style icons? Do their lifestyles influence how you feel about them?


  1. Love her style – reminds me of Kate Middleton. My style icon is Rachel Bilson – love the way she mixes trendy with vintage.

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