Well, guys, this winter has officially beaten me down.
I’m blue, cold, and perpetually grumpy.
I stopped even attempting to look cute and fashionable weeks ago.
You would have too if you worked with little kids in six feet of snow!
I’ve been relying on my classic tall Uggs (which are bad enough) since December but even with multiple coats of waterproofing the snow has proved to be too much! More than 10 minutes and my socks are soaked and I can’t feel my toes!
So even though it breaks my heart to spend money on something so terribly unstylish I’m starting to think that I need a pair of ducky boots. Completely utilitarian, sturdy, sensible waterproof duck boots.
I’ve found two pairs that don’t seem too offensive and that I know will make climbing over all these snowbanks slightly easier!
The first comes from Timberland- a brand I have never even considered in regards to my own footwear- but they look pretty warm!
And at least my omni-present skinny jeans will fit nicely under them.
The Timberland Earthkeepers Mount Holly Tall Lace Duck boot (phew that’s a mouthful!) are only $149.95 on Endless. Unfortunately, they don’t have them in my size!
The Sorel Cumberland Snowboot isn’t as tall as the Timberlands but they are significantly less money and come in a “pretty” denim color.
The thing is as much as I know that I NEED this sort of boot I don’t want them which makes it so much harder to open up my wallet!
There are plenty of boots that I do want but none of them are exactly snow friendly.
For example, the beautiful Loeffler Randall Fifi boot!
Leopard print, kitten heel, bootie!
So pretty! So classic! They could be worn with anything!
They are also completely impractical for life in Boston right now.
I’ve been lusting after them since I tried them on at dress in October.
Or I could go for a horrendously tacky, but fairly trendy, pair of high heeled, sheep skin lined “utilitarian” boots.
Can you imagine me trying to walk to dinner with my friends in those?
Hilarity would be sure to ensue!
But finally my long term lust item (I’ve been scoping them out for two winters now) would have to be flat, dark chocolate brown, over the knee boots! Oh, how I crave them! Dream of them! But they won’t be wearable until most of this snow melts and since that won’t happen until…what? May at this rate…they too don’t seem like more reasonable or more important purchases the way that duck boots do right now.
But maybe I can find some cash for say, Frye’s Sarah Over-the-Knee boot or their Jane Tall boot!
They both have slight heels but nothing unmanageable. And they certainly fit my other qualifications!
So what do you do for the winter?
Do you go for style or are you like me, just trying to get through it?


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  1. RSA Certificate

    I have a pair of those black Timberlands, they're awesome!

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