One of my pet peeves is when a big store doesn’t have online shopping. I mean, if a tiny vintage store in California has an online store and can ship my order to me in Boston why can’t a huge, international store like H&M?
Anyway, while stores like Zara and H&M take their time launching online shopping a new service, SuddenLee, has sprung up that allows you to shop ANY store online!
SuddenLee has only been live for less than a month but it has already built a loyal following of online shoppers, Bostonista included!
Because SuddenLee provides affordable, overnight shipping in one box. Which means you can get your shoes from Zara, dress from Madewell, and belt from H&M all in one box. Tomorrow.
Yeah. It’s amazing.
But does it work?
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In the interest of journalism I decided to test it out.
There has been a certain pair of color blocked, flat sandals from Zara that I couldn’t find in my size. Since the girls at Zara aren’t exactly willing to help you out or call their other stores I trudged around to the three Boston area stores in search of these much blogged about shoes. No luck. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to see if SuddenLee could find them for me.
I signed up and added their tool to my browser’s bookmark bar and brought up the shoes on the Zara website. One click on the SuddenLee tool brought up a tiny box asking for things like size, color, and price. Before I knew it the order was placed and I received an email informing me that an actual person had been sent out in search of these shoes and I’d be informed by 5 pm if they had been purchased. (If they can’t find your item they’ll let you know and you won’t be charged.) Twenty minutes later I had an email that my sandals had been purchased and would be shipped by 6 PM.
When I got home at 4 PM the next day my shoes were waiting for me on my back porch.
So how much did this personal shopping service and overnight shipping cost me? Ten dollars!
It was the perfect online shopping experience.
Except for one thing: They’d sent me the wrong size.
It was kind of devastating.
I figured it would be a torturous return process and that the service fee was lost.
But when I emailed SuddenLee they couldn’t be more apologetic and sent another courier out in search of the shoes in the correct size. When they couldn’t find them they let me know right away, sent me a pre-paid UPS shipping label, refunded my money and to make up for my less than perfect first experience gave me a discount code for my next order.
Yep. Amazing!
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SuddenLee’s surprisingly low prices for their service and overnight shipping roughly equal standard shipping costs from most major e-commerce stores. As I mentioned before, the base price is $10 for goods from two stores and another $2.50 for each additional store.

Right now, SuddenLee is only available to the East Coast. But with such great prices, over 300 stores to shop from, and easy returns I think its fair to assume that they’ll be expanding quickly to the rest of the US!
(Photos Courtesy of SuddenLee and Zara)
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  1. Hi! I love Suddenlee and I just wrote a post about it too! :)I'm sorry you couldn't get the sandals you wanted originally but thats great that they were so helpful anyway!

  2. this is brilliant – thanks for the find! I'd gladly pay someone else $10 to find me my items from Zara and H&M! Sweet!

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