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This weekend, I think I’m sharing my first real splurge: Canada Goose’s Kensington Parka! Clocking in at $745 this winter coat might actually be an investment. That I can’t afford on any level. But it’s freaking freezing. I mean, if I purchased it today I could potentially be wearing it for another eight weeks this winter alone and not to mention the many winters to come. 
Now that I’m spending so much more time on Beacon Hill, I’ve noticed just how popular these down filled coats with coyote lined hoods have become! It’s a huge amount of money but the people wearing them look a lot warmer (and happier) than the rest of us. Since a winter in Boston can last from approximately October until May I feel like I could maybe justify the credit card debt. Maybe.

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  1. ah! i want this! i would have to sell everything in my closet to afford it though…but at this point. ugh snow.

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