You might remember that at the last round of Paris shows that 17 year old model, who only months before was the new fashion IT girl, Ali Michael, was sent home by her agency for having gained five pounds. Designers complained that her legs had simply become “too fat” and she wasn’t booking jobs. She was still between a size 0-2. What we didn’t know when we heard she was sent home for five pounds was that she had begun treatment for an eating disorder. At the time of her huge success, and huge prospects for her and her career she was only 105 lbs. She hadn’t had her period in more than a year. Her hair was falling out in clumps. How many hair stylists covered that up for her? Or said that it was the overuse of products and yanking and curling irons? Ali turned 18 this past week and is talking to Teen Vogue in the latest issue (she had graced their cover with Karlie Kloss and Chanel Iman back in the fall and no one even guessed that she was sick) and spoke to The Today Show about her battle:
I think it’s pretty brave of her to speak DURING her career. We all know how Karl Lagerfeld feels about “fat” girls although on the latest cover of Muse she doesn’t look fat at all, does she?


  1. I am so impressed with this girl… I can’t believe that she was starting to get healthier when they said that about her legs. I hope she has a good career ahead of her! I loved the size 6 glamazons from back in the day; Cindy, Linda, Naomi…

  2. A size 0 and she was still considered ‘too fat’…I agree with katie…bring back the glamazons!

  3. I don’t know how anyone can survive this industry. I wonder what he mother thinks.

  4. Bostonista

    the worst part was that either her father OR her mother was with her ANY TIME she traveled…even just to New York. Living out of hotels with her for months at a time. Loooong flights around the world. WHY DIDN’T EITHER OF THEM NOTICE? If you’re on a plane from say Milan to Texas (where she lives) for like 9 hours wouldn’t you NOTICE your child NOT EATING ANYTHING? Or going to the bathroom immediately everytime she does???? Thats the part I find strange.

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