Say it isn’t Zoe!
Paparazzi Rachel Zoe Summer 2013 Street Style
I have to admit that I didn’t watch too much of this past season of the Rachel Zoe Project. 
Something about her being a designer was far less engaging than her being a celebrity stylist- ironic since she probably got the line as a result of the strength of the show.

           So I’m really not all that surprised that Bravo has decided to cancel The Rachel Zoe Project.

       I guess other girls also decided that the project just wasn’t as maj as it had once been and with                           Rachel reportedly pregnant with her second child, she was probably ready to move on.

     Bananas, right?

Try as hard as they could to re-make her other assistants into eye-rolling bitches like original assistant Taylor or the adorable misadventures of newbie Brad, there just wasn’t a compelling cast of characters at the heart of the show. 
To say goodbye I thought I’d take a look back at some of Rachel Zoe’s best moments and the amazing things that come out of her mouth:
On Pregnancy:
Blowing off Brad:
Rachel Zoe gif
Me too, Rachel. Me too.
Sorry about going all Tumblr on you. 
Pictures from The Fashion Spot and, uh, Tumblr…obviously.
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