Things I Learned at New York Fashion Week:
 You don’t really need the IMG press credentials. 
Just some invites, a confident stride and really big, designer sunglasses!
Tinsley Mortimer looks a lot like The Hill’s Heidi Pratt (without the fake boobs) in real life.
 Talk to everyone! The girl next to you at Starbucks, the receptionists at the press lounges, the people around you in the many, many lines you’ll be standing in, the volunteers at the tents. Everyone is a contact! The fashion industry is a very large, small community. 
Everyone knows someone so make it a point to introduce yourself!
 Tote bags are essential. Screw your tiny Chanel bag and just grab a very large, light weight tote because you’ll have a lot to carry: invites, flats, laptop or ipad, power cords, business cards, essentials like your wallet. And thats just what you start with- add in The Daily, Women’s Wear Daily, product samples, other people’s business information, the programs at each show, and all the other things that are thrust at you during the day and you’ll curse your It bag!
The crowds really do part for Anna. 
Keep checking back this week as I’ll be updating with NYFW street style picks, runway reviews (especially the shows that I got to attend), celebrity round ups, and much more from my 3-day Fashion Week experience this past weekend!


  1. Lucky you! Thanks for all the tips. Now I know what to do on my own Fashion Week debut. My favorite would have to be the bag tip. I had a cute clutch lined up, but I didn't think about the power cords and other stuff!

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