On Wednesday, Alessandra Facchinetti showed her third collection for Valentino in New York. I always associate Valentino with bold, strong evening wear and bright structured pieces with an unadulterated sexiness. But this season Facchinetti showed a softer, more lady like look for Valentino clients in muted, subdued colors and designs. Ruffles, organza gowns, metallic peep toes, high waistlines, and tiny buttons reigned supreme.

My favorite looks:
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<img alt="<img alt=" https://w.atcontent.com/-/6pvPik5d9kG/TheBostonista/4_g-CTP_O1t.text/Panel/Autocheck


  1. I am really in love with the white dress. I think it’s the belt detail. Didn’t I say that about another dress you posted. Apparently I have something for belt detail.

  2. Rami from Project Runway only wishes he was this good. I love these colors. They are not extremely bold but they are not washed out and tame either. They’re a softer palette but it is very successful!

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