Alessandra Facchinetti’s couture debut stumbled a few times while she attempted to bridge who she is as a designer with the style and imagery of the iconic house but for the most part she seems to have established herself with this collection as the next best thing to the recently retired Valentino himself. While Style.Com may have felt that some pieces were too weighed down with embroidery and beading I loved most of the detailing. But I especially loved her use of chiffon…I think she should consider it her speciality! Oh, to have a piece of Valentino Couture of my very own…! Someday, someday!
 Here are some of my favorite looks from the collection:
I’m not actually a fan of that last look; I just was fascinated by how it really made her appear to be completely 2d…she literally looks like a paper doll! There is also just something really creepy about the design. It reminds me of Lurch from the Addams Family!


  1. These are gorgeous & although like style said they are “weighed down”, that’s how i expect couture to be, super embellished and detailed.

  2. Great editorial, Bostonista! The looks you chose are my faves as well, particularly the red strapless frilly frock… I quite enjoyed this collection, and your post!

  3. Ah, that coat is insane! It makes me think of a refrigerator, actually. She really does look 2D. It’s incredible bizarre, but I can appreciate the weirdness.I love the red dress, and the way the black dress looks like it was spun onto her.

  4. That’s really amazing…the illusion of 2D in that last picture. The way she’s holding her hands also make it almost look like she was run over by a steam roller…it’s kinda creepy but awesome at the same time.

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