Now I’m the first person to admit that I can’t do math or understand really anything with numbers ( just look at the my high school transcript) but even I understand the announced expansion of the Valentino brand since, despite the terrible economy, the sales of the fall collection were up by 50% this year. The brand may be losing money here in the US but, according to today’s WWD, their retail sales actually rose by 65% in Asia.

The company is planning to nearly double it’s yearly $381.4 million in take over the next five years with a huge directly owned retail expansion on nearly every continenant and with a younger, edgier look from new head designer Alessandra Facchinetti (who took over womens wear and couture from Valentino himself when he retired last year) at a “younger” price point.

Read the full story and their plan for world domination over at today’s online edition of Women’s Wear Daily.

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  1. Very exciting! I’m interested in this “younger” price point and the edgier looks. I dig edgy.

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